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GeoPrisma - An Access Controlled Map Generator


GeoPrisma provides controlled access to cartographic resources and allows custom (role-dependent) dynamic UI generation. An XML configuration file stores access control levels to any web service (WMS, TileCache, FeatureServer, etc.) at the layer level. Instead of implementing custom access control in every service available, communication with services is tunelled through a proxy so that they are effectively secured from direct access.

GeoPrisma also provides a mechanism for adaptive UI generation. Each map element (widget, layer, etc.) is selectively included in the UI or not depending on the permissions associated with its corresponding role/resource/action triplet defined in an ACL, thereby allowing for the use of a single configuration file for all users in a project. The GeoPrisma client wraps the functionnality of the major FOSS JS libraries for mapping (OpenLayers, MapFish, GeoExt) and the proxy can be easily made to interact with any geodata server.


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