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The MapServer Project Stack


Several projects developed independently have been used as part of a common set of tools to provide a complete geo-web solutions. These tools include MapServer, Tinyows, GeoExt, GeoPrisma, TileCache, more recently mod-geocache, Zoo WPS, Postgis….

Although they all work great independently and can also be combined as part of a solution, It can be sometimes challenging for first time users to make sense of all these disparate technologies and build a comprehensible solution.

Recently MapServer, Tinyows, and mod geocahe projects have recognized their natural fit and decided to join efforts and be part of the same MapServer project. This will ensure that these project will share some common base code and use a common configuration file allowing them to work seemingly together.

With this effort in mind, we will try to present here a possible stack of projects/solutions than can work easily together, the challenges to make them work together and possibly some missing parts that can help.



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